The“Clear Option”                                                    

cup holder for the C5 and C6 Corvette® ...   ***

(*** PLEASE NOTE - Because of limited space on the driver's side of the C7,
a driver's side version is not offered for the C7.)

(ALSO NOTE... The "Driver's Side" version is limited in its space to move, or slide, it forward.  If you are "short in stature" and need your seat adjusted quite a bit to reach the pedals / clutch... the "driver's side" version may not work for you.)

I am 6'2" and usually have my seat as far back as it can offer. See the picture below as taken in my car. 
There is quite a bit of adjustment space in front of the seat before the seat cushion comes close to the cup holder.  
Check where you place your seat in comparison to the black front seat rail cap on the floor. 

This page shows The Clear Option cup holder made especially

for the driver's side of either the C5 or C6 Corvette. 

This is the only Corvette cup holder sold on the market

with the option for the driver's side unit.

The pictures below show where I mounted the actual cup holder unit lower

on the 1/4" thick plexiglas back plate (about 1 1/2" above floor level). 

This option allows the placement of the cup holder within easy reach of the driver

and low enough to not obstruct the driver's comfort

Installation is the same as The Clear Option passenger unit.... slips in place... no tape, no screws. Easy removal for cleaning or storage, if necessary.... Though the unit's benefit is that it folds up and out of the way when not in use.

I have yet to remove either the driver's side or passenger side in my coupe since initial  "install".

 Here is the Driver's Side unit "stored".
Here is the Driver's Side unit with a standard beverage can.
There is plenty of room to be placed below your knee...
out of the way.
This picture shows the Driver's Side unit
with a large DD iced coffee cup.
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