The“Clear Option”  cup holder for the C5 and C6 Corvette® ...
Illustrated below are the some of the options that have been available from other vendors
to add another cup holder to your Corvette® C5  or C6

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This unit sticks on the passenger door with Velcro.
Close your door with a cup full of liquid… you have a mess.

This unit is bulky and blocks access to air controls and ashtray area.

This unit places drinks and items behind you
in a hard-to-reach area between the seat backs.

This unit , whether single or double,
is bulky and always there.... in use or not.

The issues with each of these above are obvious
their prices range anywhere from $35 to $75 each, plus shipping.

The Clear Option is the BEST alternative for your stock cup holders.
Here is a picture of The Clear Option
with a large DD iced coffee..
plenty of room, out of the way....

 and once you are done with your beverage...
The Clear Option folds up and out of the way!

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