“The Clear Option"        

to add another cup holder 

to your C5 , C6 or C7 Corvette®.


Are you looking for an option that....
          • “installs in seconds” without the use of Velcro, screws or tape of any kind
          • quickly folds out of the way when not in use
          • “clearly matches” any interior color scheme

          • quickly removes for easy cleaning (dishwasher-safe) or storage

          • does not take up any leg space

          • eliminates the "heated cup holder" issue

          • keeps liquids away from central dash electronic controls



Here is the “Clear Option” to add another cup holder

to your  Corvette® C5 , C6 or C7 .


This cup holder installs in seconds and does not require any screws or tools.

It nestles in the corner formed by the seat and tunnel,

so it does not take up any leg space….  open or closed.   

Quality construction by a Corvette® owner for a Corvette®owner.


C5 Passenger Side 

C6 Passenger Side 

C7 Passenger Side


Make sure you know what you are looking at!

This Heavy-Duty Fully-Adjustable Cup Holder is

securely mounted on 1/4"-thick clear plexiglas

with 4 drilled and tapped screws....

NOT double-sided tape like other holders out there! 

The base of The Clear Option backplate is also

wider and more stable than the "thin" plastic versions.


take a look at the Simple Installation Instructions   

or watch the quick video here!


If you are at all familiar with some of the discussion groups that are out there on the Internet, you may have read about an additional issue with the location of the "stock" cup holders in the C5 , C6 or C7. 

Being that they are shallow, there have been reported incidents of "hard breaking" resulting in the beverage dumping into the electronics in front of the stock cup holder (climate controls, digital readout, etc.). 

Those stock cup holders would be better suited 

for things like cell phones, sunglasses or GPS units.




feedback from buyers of The Clear Option




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The price is $30.00 each plus shipping in the US.

Priority Shipping to Canada adds $30 at checkout.

(Contact us prior to shipping outside of the USA or Canada)


Special Offer to members of Corvette® clubs...

Place any one order for 10 cup holders

(any combination of passenger/driver options)...

and I will ship you 12 cup holders.



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Click Here to see information on the Driver's Side Option for both C5 or C6


For more information, e-mail info@theclearoption.com 

Send your feedback to comments@theclearoption.com

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