Here is the easiest way to keep score during your 18-hole round of golf!

If you are anything like me, your focus is your final score of a round… not necessarily how you played on each individual hole during the round.

I got tired of fumbling for the score card and pencil, finding that I may have forgot to write down my score for the previous hole. 
I needed an easy way to quickly keep count of my score through the entire round.

Simple premise…  18 holes… baseline of 5 strokes per hole… if “even”, your final score for the 18-hole round is 90.

Each hole is played based on the 5 stroke goal… to stay even.  Shoot a “4”, you are “-1” for that hole… Shoot a “6”… you are “+2”.

Each par 4 hole provides an opportunity to pick up a stroke… each par 3 hole is an opportunity to pick up 2 strokes if you achieve par.
This pic indicates “even”.
If you lose a stroke on a hole, move 1 black bead up on the Eco Score Keeper.  If you pick up that stroke on a later hole, you can either slide a black bead towards the center, or if you are even at that point, move a red bead towards the bottom of the score keeper.

This pic indicates +1.


This pic indicates +2


This pic indicates -1.


This pic indicates -4.

With 10 black beads and 10 red beads, your score keeper is set up to easily capture a great round of golf!

Once you round is complete, check your Eco Score Keeper.  Count your beeds that are off center (“even”). Four red beads off center would equal “-4” off of the base of 90… or an 86!  Two black beads off center would equal “+2”… or a 92… and so on.

No more cards to maintain or pencils to lose.

Once done, slide any beads back to center and you are balance at “even” to start a new round.

If you are lucky enough to have all of your red beads moved to the bottom end of your Eco Score Keeper (indicating that you are -10 at that point in your round) and you are still picking up strokes, feel free to move the next black bead down next to the red beads. 
You have enough beads on your Eco Score Keeper to maintain an accurate count as low as a round of 70 (and as high as 110)!

It is very simple.

Simply loop your Eco Score Keeper onto your golf bag, a belt loop, wherever it is convenient to maintain your count.

The price per Eco Score Keeper is $8.00 including postage. 




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