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I am the proud owner of a 1998 Carmine Red Coupe and in all of my meticulous detail work to keep my car “the best it can be”... I had noticed some discoloration around some of the torx screw heads around the opening of my rear hatch.


I decided to investigate and when I removed one of the screws, I was both surprised and discouraged to see that the stock torx screw was corroded and actually causing a permanent discoloration in my paint finish around the screw opening... almost like a “gasoline” stain in the finish itself.


I went on the internet to see if I could find some options to replace the screws... and I was not having much luck in that search.


I found that there were chrome torx trim head screws available, but I did not want that for my car.  I did not want the flash of chrome.  There is nothing wrong with that... just not what I wanted for my car.


There was a stainless option out there with some trim washers, but again... not the look I wanted since it appeared to be more of a “hardware store” approach.


I found some screw “caps” being offered in chrome... but then again... I did not prefer chrome for my car and that option offered no solution for the corroding screws... only a cover up.


And there was obviously the option to replace the stock screws with new stock screws... but for what reason?  The stock screws were the problem!


So what I did was combine the best of both... a subtle finished “show cap” combined with full replacement stainless steel hardware.


My kits offer just that... enough “show caps” and stainless steel hardware to replace the trim screws on both C5 and C6 Corvette®s....


To my knowledge, I am the only vendor offering “show caps” in matte black finish for the clean subtle finished look. And while chrome was not a preference for my car, I offer a kit with chrome plated “show caps” for those cars and owners who want that look.


I am also the only vendor to combine both the finished “show caps” and the stainless steel hardware to replace those trim screws that, if they have not already, will rust and corrode on your C5 and C6 Corvette®.  Just back off one of your trim screws to investigate... You may be surprised!


I only wish I had discovered the “discoloration” issue earlier... but then again... I would not have the actual “show and tell” example for you to see.


Over the internet, my “Show Cap” kit prices include shipping... unlike other vendors out there.  My full kits, with stainless hardware included... are less expensive than many kits out there that only cover the issue... and don’t correct the problem!


The Clear Option Show Caps is the ONLY option to provide

BOTH the protective plastic show caps & stainless steel hardware...



The torx trim screws around the rear hatch/trunk, door jambs and along the top of the front fenders are known to

discolor, corrode, and rust.

If you want to check your Corvette® , just unscrew one of the stock screws and check the threads.


This is an easy way to upgrade and cover the stock torx screws on your C5 or C6 without the price tag of a Corvette®  accessory.


Each set comes with show caps, plastic base washers, stainless steel screws and washers...

enough to replace and cover the torx screws under your hood, back hatch/trunk area and both door jambs.


Installation is quick and simple....

1.   Using a torx screwdriver, remove each screw (one at a time)

2.   Insert a new phillips-head stainless steel screw into the plastic mounting washer , through the stainless base washer and install the new screw mounting washer combo.  


Be careful not to over-tighten! 

3.   Snap the plastic show cap in place over the mounting washer

Once you have replaced and covered all of the torx trim screws you want, you are done and ready to show off your new, subtle detail.

The Show Caps are available in

Matte Black (standard and most popular)

as well as

Polished Chrome-plated finish!! 


Competitors offer smaller chrome kits to cover fewer screws at prices easily approaching or exceeding $50....

and the MANY competitor kits DO NOT include stainless steel screw replacements!


All of my kits do!


There is NO competitor offering Black Show Caps for a more subtle detail

(see my pictures below)


  Click Here for my package insert for C5.

Click Here for my package insert for C6.


Here is the “Clear Option”  answer to replace and cover those stock torx screws

that have a tendency to rust and corrode.



Here is a picture of the rear hatch location on my 1998 Coupe before installing the Show Caps.


Here is an "after" picture of the completed detail (black show caps)...



Here is a before picture of a door jamb with the stock torx screws.


Here is the same door jamb area after installing Black Show Caps.



The price for a full set including shipping in the US is


$27.00 for Matte Black Show Caps with stainless steel screws & washers


$37.00 for Polished Chrome with stainless steel screws & washers





(Contact me prior to shipping outside of the USA or Canada)




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